Next OpenFest TBD – Target for October, 2017

What is OpenFest?

The Festivals of the Silver Serpent embody so much of what is fantastic about this community. They are designed to provide a very personalized experience, allowing everyone to engage in their own way. I have always focused them on highlighting talents in the community and fostering sharing and openness. However, there is one big downside to the Festivals….they only occur, at most, once a year. There are a number of reasons for this, including time, money, and the availability of my home for 20+ people to crash.

With this in mind, The Unseen Order is proud to announce OpenFests based on the smaller gatherings which have happened in the past. These smaller “Fests” are a less formal and structured version of the major Festivals without the story, production, trinkets, etc… but instead focus on more frequent smaller gatherings of friends around the simple things – food, drink, and merriment (and maybe some crafting, since come on, there is a smithy next door). Fests will still have some highlight events, be it a particular dining experience or a trip outside the grounds. Depending on the particulars, garb may be required or not.

OpenFests are designed to be low-commitment, where those who live in the area, can easily make the trip, or are passing through can attend. In the past, these smaller gatherings were anywhere from 4-8 people.

One of the reasons I’m excited about Fests is that I have many ideas which cannot be executed at the Festivals because of size. As many know, the first Festival of the Silver Serpent was supposed to be a dinner party for 10 people and I would still like to do this. I have also wanted to design and execute an Ultima themed murder mystery (no blacksmith sacrifice, I promise) and again, this cannot be done with 30 people as much as I’d love to. So the Fests provide a venue to try out new ideas while getting to see one another more often.

The first OpenFest will be this October with the highlight being a trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival Saturday and a dining experience TBD.


Q: Will FotSS-4/2018 still be a thing?

A: There is never a guarantee of the next FotSS. So many things need to come together to make it happen, that I don’t want to set the assumption that they will happen. However, the existence (or not) of OpenFest is not correlated with FotSS in any way.

Q: Will I have to register for OpenFest?

A: Yes, as with all events, registration is required. The reasons for this are two-fold. First, showing up un-announced is never acceptable. Also, even with the smaller production, there are still things to order.

Q: Will there be a charge for OpenFest?

A: All events I host are free in terms of the services and hospitality of my home. However, some Fests may include attendance of outside venues which may have their own fees. Such fees are the responsibility of the attendee unless specifically noted.

Q: Will lodging be provided?

A: This will depend on the exact timing of the event. In the case that my home is empty, absolutely. In the case that my family is in town, I will be unlikely to be able to provide lodging.

Q: Will food be provided?

A: If you’ve attended any Festival or Fest in the past, you should smack yourself now. Food and drink will always be ample.

Q: So what are the major differences?

A: There are two major differences between a Festival and Fest. First, Fests are a much lower production event. That means little to no theming, story, accessories, etc… and much less event after event after event happening. There will still be plenty of fun, crafting, etc… The other major difference is that my house will not always be available for lodging.