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The Festival of the Silver Serpent is where Avatar’s share their skills and knowlege. Under the auspice of the Unseen Order, the Avatars attending will have multiple opportunities to observe and gain hands-on experience in a number of crafts, including: Painting, Blacksmithing, Fletching. In addition, events around Food, Martial Combat, and Peering into the future will be held. For those who attended previous Festivals, new levels of challenges are being added for those Avatars who wish to further their previous training. For all of the hands-on events, supplies will be provided in various stages for those who are a little timid of making everything from scratch.

Medieval Bestiary Illustration & Egg Tempera Painting

All adventurers should familiarize themselves with the beasts that lie out in the wilds, and know how to record new discoveries to share with others. You will learn to draw several medieval bestiary illustrations step-by-step, and page through the classic work of others for further inspiration. You will then go hands-on using egg yolks to mix your own traditional medieval artist pigments (egg tempera) and bring your creatures to life with color.

Dame Lori has designed this workshop to be suitable for everyone, even if you have never held a paint brush.

If you are vegan or egg sensitive, alternative paints will be available.



One of the trade skills any Avatar should have is that of smithing. Be it to forge a new blade or simply repair the one they have, smithing can be a boon. At the gathering of the Fellowship of the Silver Serpent, Fergus Ironhand has returned to teach new Avatar’s and perhaps select a few apprentices for advanced training. You will have the opportunity to engage in smithing your own arrowhead to be used in fletching. Other opportunities may be available as well…

Blacksmith-image563   IMGP0523-e1345261614118


There is nothing more dangerous than to be caught reaching for your quiver and finding it empty. Fletching (arrow-making) is not a difficult skill, and with instruction from the master-fletcher (not Iolo) at the event, you will learn to split, feather, and prepare your arrow. For the most ambitious apprentices out there, Master Fletcher and Smith Ironhand will teach them how to make metal tipped arrows which are sure to be of great value in your quests…

img_20161126_163039                 140px-Fletc

Martial Combat Training

The difference between the neophyte who swings their blade blindly and the Avatar who can feel the fiercest opponent is technique and experience. In this event Lord Jouten and Goldenflame Dragon will teach the basics of martial combat including different techniques and combat styles. Participants are bound to be more prepared for the battles ahead.

(photo courtesy of The Heart of Britannia)

Beer, cheese, and meat tasting

There are few things an Avatar enjoys after a long day more than a full pint and full plate. In this evening event, Hobbit Dragon and Sir Edward Vitralis will impart their knowledge of craft beers, fine cheeses, and cured meats while you sample some of the Inn’s finest foods.


Photography and Green Screening

As with past Festivals, Deanord will be on hand capturing all those memorable moments. This year though, Avatars will have an additional opportunity to enter the worlds of Ultima in a whole new way. Deanord will have a magic room setup where Avatars can have their photos taken and then placed into one of many Ultima scenes.

Peering into the Future

Long-past adventures in the worlds of Ultima have affected Earth’s timeline ahead! Join Sir Dom John and Sir Dan Span in the Codex Room as they use Crystal Ball 3000 technology to unveil a brand new Ultima-inspired project from the Space Bards. Don’t tell the gypsies, but the future is quite unpredictable!