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The Fellowship of the Silver Serpent is, among other things, a training ground for the new Fellowship of Avatars to prepare themselves for the quests to come during the event and at future events. Under the auspice of the Unseen Order, the Avatars attending will have multiple opportunities to observe and gain hands-on experience in a number of trade-skills, including: Baking, Blacksmithing, Fletching, and Survival. For all of the hands-on events, supplies will be provided in various stages for those who are a little timid of making everything from scratch.


An Avatar will not get very far in their adventures on an empty stomach and while at the Inn of the Unseen Order there is a bounty of food, this will not be the case in the depths of Hythloth. Starting Friday evening Avatar’s will be taught how to bake their own bread from scratch. This dough will be used throughout the gathering with everyone having the opportunity to bake and serve their creation. In addition, the master baker on hand will demonstrate some more exotic creations.



One of the trade skills any Avatar should have is that of smithing. Be it to forge a new blade or simply repair the one they have, smithing can be a boon. At the gathering of the Fellowship of the Silver Serpent, Fergus Ironhand has offered his services to show and even train the attending Avatars on the basics of smithing. You will have the opportunity to make your own striking tool (which can be used in the survival training) as well as your own serpent trinket. Those wishing to learn advanced skills may have the opportunity as well.

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There is nothing more dangerous than to be caught reaching for your quiver and finding it empty. Fletching (arrow-making) is not a difficult skill, and with instruction from the master-fletcher (not Iolo) at the event, you will learn to split, feather, and prepare your arrow.


Survival (Fire making)

There are many activities which fall under the category of survival, but there is one which no Avatar should leave the event without knowing, and that is fire starting. Fire is the basis of all the other skills, be is baking bread, lighting your forge, or igniting an arrow. Avatars will learn how to make and use two effective tools for fire starting: carbon cloth, and a strike piece. With these in hand, you will be able to start your own campfire. How else will our Liege be able to visit?