Martial Combat

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Fellowship of the Silver Serpent Combat

Events & Rules

Combat events are an important part of the Fellowship of the Silver Serpent. As with any gathering of Avatars, martial combat is an opportunity to test one’s skill, build friendships, and bash one another with glee. There are multiple types of martial combat which will take place throughout the event of which your attendance is encouraged. These range from the very informal (sparring), to set events, to the formal.  Most events follow the same AMTGARD rules which I have borrow from the Hearth of Britannia site. The menu of possible activities will be decided on as the event approaches depending on numbers, weather, and logistics.

Target Areas

This section explains valid target areas:

  • Torso: Valid torso area is anything on a sleeveless t-shirt plus the groin/arse area (i.e. briefs). The head and neck are not valid.
  • Arms: Anything from the shoulder seem to the wrist of a hand holding a weapon. An non-weapon hand is valid target area.
  • Legs: Below the waist, outside of the briefs area, down to the ankle. Feet are not valid.


When the above target areas are struck by a weapon or spell, the player will take damage and/or die, depending on target area and the weapon/spell.

  • Weapons: At FotSS, all weapons (short swords, daggers, bows, broad swords) are considered equal in damage
  • Flaming Weapons: Fergus Ironhand is preparing some magic flaming arrows. These will only be supplied for specific events, and are to be used only under the strict guideline of the events. Any straying from this will result in immediate ejection from the event.
  • Strike to Torso: If the player is struck in the torso by a melee weapon or ranged weapon, the player dies.
  • Strike to Arm: If the player is struck by a melee weapon or ranged weapon on an arm, the player looses the ability to use that arm. The arm must be placed behind the player’s back. (You must switch your weapon to your off hand or drop your weapon if you are dual wielding) If the player is struck again on the same arm, the player dies. A player may not use a non-weapon hand to grasp or deflect another player’s weapon at any time, even if that arm is armored.
  • Strike to Leg: If the player is struck by a melee weapon or ranged weapon the player must put the knee of the “dead” leg on the ground. Unlike arms, subsequent strikes to a “dead” leg to do count. Given this, it is in your best interest to put your “dead” leg forward to protect your remaining “live” leg.
  • Loss of Any Two Limbs: If the player loses any two limbs (i.e. two arms, two legs, or one of each) the player dies.
  • Timing: Combat uses the “atomic clock” method of damage dealing, also known as the “lightsaber” method. This means that damage is dealt the instant the weapon makes contact with the target area. If two combatants swing at each other and Player One strikes Player Two’s arm a split second before Player Two lands a stirke on Player One’s torso, Player Two has lost their arm and Player One takes no damage. If Player Two had struck first, Player One would be dead and Player Two will still have their arm.
  • Honor: Be Virtuous. It is up to players to call their hits. A hit that only brushes a player’s clothing does not count but even the lightest touch on valid target area counts as hit. For safety, we do not want to encourage each other to hit harder, so please be Virtuous and own up when you’ve been hit. Remember, the goal is to have fun. Additionally, any players found to be purposefully striking illegal target area (e.g. the face) or is repeatedly hitting too hard will be removed from play and possibly ejected from the event. Physical contact between combatants (e.g. grappling) is prohibited.


If agreed ahead of time in any event, worn armor may be used

Leather Armor: Leather armor protects against one point of damage from a standard melee or ranged weapon.
Metal Armor: Metal armor protects against two points of damage from a standard melee or ranged weapon. Metal armor must not have sharp or pointed edges. Any armor deemed dangerous to either players or the latex weapons will not be allowed.
Shield: Shields may or may not be available at the event. Shields have a durability of ten and are immune to standard melee and ranged attacks. Some weapons and spells have the ability to do durability damage to shields as described below. If a limb holding a shield is lost, the player must drop the shield or switch it to their other arm. If a shield’s durability reaches zero, the shield is broken and the player must drop the shield. Shield durability resets upon resurrection.

Events – Exact Events to be Held Subject to Change

Flight of the Dragons (11:00 – 12:00 AM)

Dragon meat is known throughout the lands as being the most sought after delicacy. A flight of Dragons have been spotted and the Avatars must gather a hunting party to defeat them.

Location: Archery Fields

Equipment: Bows, Crossbows, Flaming Arrows


Guardians of Virtue (TBD)

One Avatar must cross the battlefield and reach the shrine on the other side which is protected by the two guardians of virtue. The guardians may not stand within 10 feet of the shrine. The Avatar wins if they make it to the shrine alive, the guardians win if the Avatar is killed.

Location: Field of Battle


Guardians – Bastard Swords, metal armor

Avatar – Open (Sword & Shield, Two Swords, etc…)


Archery Tournament (1:00 – 2:30)

Each Avatar will take their turn using their own, or supplied, bows to hit a target. Multiple targets are planned, including traditional bullseyes, plus a few surprises.

Location: Archery Fields

Equipment: Bows, Crossbows


Quest for the glass sword (TBD)

Two archers defend the tower from three Avatars. The Avatars must approach from the path to Loch Lake and climb the Serpentspine Mountain to capture the glass sword. NOTE: The Archers cannot use the glass sword. The archers win if they kill the Avatars, the Avatars wins if one can reach the glass sword and raise it over their head.

Location: Archery Fields


Archers – Bows

Avatar – Short Sword, Shield


Sparing practice (All day)

Two Avatars face off one-on-one to practice their martial skill.

Location: Anywhere two Avatars meet

Equipment: All – Open


2nd Annual Test of Courage: 1-on-1 single-elimination Tournament (3:00 – 4:00 PM)

All Avatars participate in a single-elimination boffer tournament. The victor is the champion of courage.

Location: Field of Battle

Equipment: All – Short sword (unless alternative is agree on by both combatants)


Battle of the Bloody Plains (Reenactment) (TBD)

To commemorate the defeat of Exodus, the battleground recreates the great battle which gave The Bloody Plains their name. The battleground is 10 on 10 battleground with victory going to the team with the last one standing. The winning team wins all important bragging rights and the losers must hang their heads in shame for 13.5 seconds. All players will have 5 life stones which can be used to resurrect. To do so, they must come off the field, wait 2 minutes, give up their stone, and then re-enter the battle. Specifics of the setup and rules will be given during the event. Serpent venom may be available…..

Location: Field of Battle

Equipment: All – Open, armor does not count towards defense