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Menu Subject to Change!

Saturday Lunch: After arriving from your long journey, a picnic lunch will be served shortly after the event starts.

  • Assortment of fine meats and cheeses for sandwiches
  • Assorted breads
  • crackers, cheese
  • Chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks
  • Cookies
  • Alcoholic drinks: in addition to the wine at the Abby and beer at Serpents hold, some spirited travelers beverages will be available
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: lemonade, soda

Saturday Festival: The festival is a traditional medieval feast


Artist’s Rendition

Pre-plate: Blanched vegetables, nuts, cheese, crackers, grapes, berries, dips vegs  cheese
Soup: Cheddar cauliflower soup, fresh baked bread soup bread
Light meat: Mini crab cakes, cheese pastry puffs crabcakescrabcakes
Heavy Meat: Beef ribs, brisket, smoked turkey, mac & cheese, honey glazed vegetables, spiced potatoes ribs potatoes
Savory Desert: Artisan cheese, dried fruit cheese2
Sweet Desert: Pies, cookies, tea, coffee, after dinner liqueurs pie
Drinks: Beer, wine, soda, water, Silver Serpent Venom Food8


Sunday Breakfast: Early breakfast is a continental breakfast, with hot food starting slightly later

  • Breads, pastries, bagels, spreads
  • Fresh scrambled eggs
  • Bacon

Sunday Lunch: This is a light parting meal to send visitors off with a full tummy

  • TBD