Festival of the Silver Serpent


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The Festival of the Silver Serpent

Saturday & Sunday

June 13-14, 2015

Unseen’s House in Columbia, MD


The Festival of the Silver Serpent is multi-day gathering of long-time companions in celebration. This is primarily an festival to bring friends and fans of the Ultima and related series together to eat, drink, and be merry. The theme for the event is inspired by the period after the fall of the Black Gate, with a narrative weaved into the weekend of food, drink, fighting, and fun. Guests will arrive Saturday morning and step through the Moongate into the venue (Unseen’s house) where several locales from Britannia are represented. Lunch and Dinner will be provided as part of the narrative, as will breakfast the following day. Sunday the festival will conclude with some wrap-up activities and general merriment. The highlight of the event is the Feast of the Silver Serpent which is modeled as a traditional medieval feast of many courses, lively entertainment, and conversation going late into the evening.

The event is free, however donations are accepted and appreciated (click here to donate)

What is The Festival of the Silver Serpent

  • A fun gathering of Ultima fans who have gotten together over the years at a number of events in person and online
  • A gathering where you can share some good food, enjoy fine drink, and reconnect with those we have become close with over the years
  • A chance to again walk back through the Moongate into the world of Britannia with an Ultima-themed narrative underpinning the weekend’s events
  • Experience an in-person “Treasures from the Origin Museum” hosted by Joe Garrity
  • Boffer-bracket!!
  • An opportunity to see Unseen’s Lego collection on display
  • Some unexpected surprises!

What it is not

  • It is not a full live-action roleplaying (LARP) experience. While there are story-driven elements to it, it is not a two day LARP. The Festival of the Silver Serpent is supposed to be just that, a festival.
  • It is not a repeat of other Ultima fan events. It will have its own style and feel.
  • This is an event to promote fun and virtue. It is not a place to bring outside issues, air grievances, or raise problems. I try to keep a very positive and happy mojo in my house, and expect this event to only enhance that.

Want to attend? Read the rules and RSVP to jdrasin@yahoo.com.


I have tried to layout the rules and answer questions in the FAQ below to make sure you know what the event is (and is not). If something is not answered here and you have a question or need clarification, please ask.

  • This is not an open event in the sense that you can just show up unannounced. Those wishing to attend must RSVP the host (jdrasin@yahoo.com) to lock in a spot. Due to logistical constraints, attendance has to be limited. Currently this number is 25, but I may be able to increase this a bit. This event is generally open to everyone in the Ultima/UDIC/SotA community. If you’ve been to another event, you’re invited to RSVP. If you been on a hangout, such as a Dragonsmeet, you’re invited to RSVP, If you are a big fan of Ultima/SotA, you’re invited to RSVP.
  • Since there are a limited number of guest spots, you must RSVP and then be added to the official guest list.
  • If you want to come and you don’t know the hosts (Joseph Drasin/Unseen Dragon), let’s fix that before the event.
  • Due to alcohol being on premises and generally silliness, all attendees must be 21+.
  • Garb is expected. If for some reason you cannot get garb, drop me a message and we’ll work something out. For those not wanting to make their own, here are some good sites for garb (borrow from HoBLotH – http://hearthofbritannia.com/hobloth.php)
  • You are a guest of the host as well as the guest of one-another. I have hosted a couple smaller events at my house and been to ones others have hosted, and it has always been my observations that this community truly treats one another with Virtue. I expect this to continue.
  • Please be considerate to the venue and treat it as if it were yours. My family is making the home available (and getting out of town), so please don’t make them come back to a disaster. Don’t steal, don’t break stuff, don’t burn things, and don’t annoy the neighbors.
  • While there is a story behind some of the activities, this is done in the name of fun. For some of the activities, you are welcome to sit out, you don’t have to, but please don’t detract from those who are participating. There are a couple parts of the schedule which are essentially mandatory; like the festival banquet 🙂
  • My house is strictly non-smoking. For those who want to smoke, there will be a designated outdoor smoking area.
  • Attendance is limited due to logistical and financial constraints. If you know you are unlikely to make it, please don’t take a spot on the guest list. If life issues come up at the last minute and you can’t make it, please let me know ahead of time. I am not requiring a fee to attend, so please don’t abuse this. I am ordering food and materials based on the number of attendees, so be kind.
  • When you RSVP, include: name (duh), name for the event (Dragon name, etc…), and your lodging plan (see FAQ)
  • And finally, to quote a famous Dragon – Act with Virtue and HAVE FUN

If you have read the rules, and want to attend, please email your RSVP to jdrasin@yahoo.com.


  • Lodging: Mid June is perfect for inside or outside accommodations (historical averages are a high of 82 and low of 61). For those interested in outside camping, there is a good deal of room on my property and we are planning on portable bonfires. The property is hilly, but there should be enough flat space to accommodate a number of campers. For those wishing to sleep inside, my home is large enough to accommodate everyone. However, I am limited on beds/couches/etc… I estimate there is bedding and couches for 7-8 with plenty of room for sleeping bags and air mattresses. If you can bring a tent/sleeping bag/air mattress/blankets, please do. If you are flying, and need bedding/couch space, ask and I will do the best to accommodate. When you RSVP, please let me know your accommodation wishes (inside/outside sleeping, bringing your own/needing, etc…) If you have extra room in your tent or extra mattresses, etc…, please be virtuous and make them available).
  • Early arrival/late departure: The event starts Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. Before and after the event, I have some ability to host overnight guests. If you need accommodations before/after at my place, please ask. If I can’t accommodate, there are lots of hotel options around. For those interested in a longer stay, the Washington,DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area hosts a number of sites and museums not to be missed. Those arriving early may want to arrange with others to head into one of the cities.
  • Diet Restrictions: I am currently planning on a combination of home cooked food and catering for the meals. If you have specific allergies or diet restrictions, please let me know and we can discuss. No promises can be made, but I will work to make reasonable accommodations.
  • How do I get there: Unseen’s house in Columbia, MD which is situated between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Those flying are encouraged to use Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) which is about 20 minutes from the venue and generally has the best prices. However, Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Washington National Airport (DCA) are within an hour by car and might have better options for you. As of now, I do not have a readily available shuttle service to my house.
  • Can I bring a guest who is not involved in Ultima/SotA/etc…: Let’s talk, but probably.
  • Is this going to be like event X: Probably not
  • I have another question: Then ask 🙂

Food & Drink

Click here for detailed menus

Throughout the event: Snacks, beer, wine, soda, and a few surprises….

Saturday Lunch: After your long travels, a picnic-style lunch will be served shortly after your arrival

Saturday Feast: The festival is celebrated with a traditional multi-course medieval feast.

Sunday Breakfast: Continental breakfast feature assorted breads, pasteries, eggs, and bacon

CheeseSaus Food8 Food6 Food5 Food4 Food2 Food1 Cheese

What to bring

  • Yourself
  • Your invitation with its content (it might be needed)
  • Garb, Armor, Boffer weapons, and any other LARP gear you wish.
  • Boffer weapons from previous events (e.g. HoBlotH II)
  • (Update) I have tankards, so bringing your own is optional!
  • Sleeping gear – Tents, Sleeping bags, air mattress
  • A good attitude


(Tentative, Subject to Change)

10:00 AM Enter the Moongate, welcome to Britannia!
10:30 AM The Festival commences, overview of the schedule
11:00 AM Wander the land, reacquaint yourself with friends, new and old, grab a drink and a snack
11:30 AM Lunch
12:30 PM A quest is ordained
1:30 PM Open boffering and questing
4:30 PM Boffer Events (click for details)
6:30 PM The Feast of the Silver Serpent!
9:00 PM In-person Treasures from the Origin Museum
Into the wee hours Late-night fun (Cards Against Humanity, GoCache, etc…)
8:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 noon Light lunch
1:00 PM Celebrate the event and toast
3:00 PM Event officially ends, Open fun and cleaning
7:00 PM Event-site closed



Updated (12/17/14): The guest list is nearly full. If you are interested in coming, please RSVP ASAP. I am considering ways to expand capacity, but that is far from a sure thing.

Updated (1/13/15): The guest list is tentatively full. Thank you for the very warm response, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. If you are still interested in coming, please RSVP in case space opens up.

Updated (3/14/15): There may be a couple spaces opening up. If you are still interested in coming, please RSVP.

Guest List (capped at 25)
Unseen Dragon (Joseph D.) – Proprietor
1. Tastrick Dragon (Joe G.) (Confirmed) – Housed
Deanord (David L.) – Photographer
2. Rustic Dragon (Joseph T.) (Confirmed) – Camping
Special Guest: Tastrick Dragon – The Traveling Origin Museum
3. Lord Jouten (David P.) (Confirmed) – Camping
4. Goldenflame Dragon (Adam B.) (Confirmed)
5. Bayamount (Isabelle D.) (Confirmed) – Housed
6. Captain XJ (William B.) (Confirmed) – Camping
7. Indi (Indi M.) (Confirmed) – Camping
8. Erth Dragon (Erik S.) (Confirmed) – Housed
9. Darthan Haj (Frank F.) (Confirmed) – Housed
10. Sir Frank (Frank B.) (Confirmed) – Housed
11. Dame Lori (Lori T.) (Confirmed) – Housed
12. Quixtar Dragon (William C.) (Confirmed) – Housed
13. Sir Stile Teckel (Stile T.) (Confirmed) – Housed
14. Sir Dom John (Dom J.) (Confirmed) – Camping
15. Sir Dan Span (Dan S.) (Confirmed) – Camping
16. Gallara Dragon (Cranberry) (Confirmed) – Housed
17. Rild (Ben. P) (Confirmed) – Housed
18. Sir Alexandre (Caleb A.) (Confirmed) – Camping
19. Sir Baxter (John B.) (Confirmed) – Housed
20. Hobbit Dragon (Darren M.) (Confirmed) – Camping
21. Loknal the Loon (Don L.) (Confirmed) – Housed
22. Goldmanager (Steven G.) (Confirmed) – Housed
23. Dame Valentine (Noni V.) (Confirmed) – Housed
24. Dame Miao (Confirmed) – Camping