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The Fellowship of the Silver Serpent is FREE, however, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated!

Thank you for considering donating and helping support this event. First, I want to reiterate that if you are not in a place to comfortably donate, do not feel obligated to.

However, for those do, I would like to extend my very sincere thanks for any amount you wish to give. To make it a little fun, I’ve decided to throw in some more tangible thank-yous for those who really want to show the virtue of sacrifice. For those who donate $50USD or more, I will construct them a custom Lego minifig as I’ve done for a number of folks in the community (examples below). For those who wish to donate $100USD or more, your custom minifig can really be done up! Maybe a steed for your minifig or a micro version of your SotA home. We’ll come up with something cool and unique.

GoldenFlame and Beard CmdHighResIoloDupreShaminoIMG_4455IMG_446510259800_10152899412463298_3873702629215420553_n10325706_10152945992908298_7438892775364363781_n10334443_10152864903073298_9017169824542268929_n