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At the Fellowship of the Silver Serpent gathering there are many things you can participate in, be it learning how to smith, going on a quest, solving a mystery, and many more. To track your unique journey , a system of badging has been developed. There are three types of badging: crafting (grey clips), questing (black clips), and achievements (gold clips). Crafting badges represent levels 1,2 and 3 achievement for each of the four trade-skills (smithing, fletching, fire-starting, and baking) – each level representing a more difficult crafting challenge. Questing badges are provided for those who complete one of the preset quests – some are obvious, some will take some investigation. Achievement badges are for just that – achievements.

Each of these badges will be displayed on a plate which each of the guests will be given. The number of badges your pursue is completely up to you and be aware that many badges are for secret achievements, so you never know what actions might be rewarded.

Sample Badge

This guest’s badge (details subject to change): shows them having received (left to right) a level 1 smithing trade-skill badge, a level 2 fire-starting trade-skill badge, a quest reward badge for finding a treasure chest, a drinking achievement badge, and a combat achievement badge.